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Wonder Woman (2017)

Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2018 8:35 am
by AndyCr15
I'm sure I used to watch Wonder Woman from back in the '70s but I certainly didn't remember any of the relation to the Greek Gods element. Wikipedia has it listed, so I guess it was always there.

Anyway, on to the 2017 movie...


I have to say I rather enjoyed it. It was something like 2 hours and 20 minutes long, but the time seemed to fly by, which is always a good indicator. The story was good, the characters where good, the fights were pretty cool, the effects good.

The only thing I thought a little odd...
What was the point of Ewan Bremner's character Charlie? Why was he even there?


Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2020 3:19 am
by Williamdut
The only movie that intrigues me to actually go to the cinema and see this movie the only negative I dont know much about Wonder Woman where do you even begin?