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DJI Osmo Action Camera

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:24 am
by AndyCr15

I'm not a huge action camera user, but having said that, I have a motorbike and sometimes do track days, I cycle and occasionally do things like karting or paintball, when an action cam is handy to have. Up to this point the default choice if you want quality footage was a GoPro of some form. A month back I was considering upgrading my GoPro HERO 4 Black as I tended not to use it due to the batteries being worn and not lasting more than about 15 minutes and it generally just being old and out of date. So, the obvious choice was the GoPro HERO 7 Black, right?


At one point I had one in my basket, but then I received an email from DJI about their new Osmo Action camera. Knowing how good their drones and drone cameras are I was intrigued! I checked out a few YouTube reviews and realised this was an action camera to be taken seriously. The big selling point for me was the front facing screen, great if I was to use it for recording footage for reviews for my channel. Add to that, DJI's EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation) called RockSteady looked incredibly good and I was sold!


In use, both of these features are great. Add in the user interface is simple, clean and easy to use and the battery life seems almost double (up to 2 hours in 1080p 30fps) of anything I've ever got from any GoPro and I'm really enjoying this device. All I need now is for it to accept external mics and it's just about the perfect action cam!