Avengers : End Game

Been to the flicks? Seen a good looking trailer?
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Avengers : End Game

Post by AndyCr15 »

Let me start by saying this post/thread will have spoilers! Don't read if you've not watched End Game yet!


Personally I thought this was a great movie. A little odd, who really expected Thanos to have his noggin lopped off so early on? The time travel thing was a bit of a risky move I thought, as it usually opens up massive plot holes... which tbh, make my head hurt, so I'm going to leave them.

There is an interesting graphic here, which shows how it all works together - https://imgur.com/d8jfzJO

I'm not entirely sure I get that if I'm honest.

The 'girl power' moment when Spidy needed an escort seemed a little forced to me, but there wasn't much else I didn't like about the movie!
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Re: Avengers : End Game

Post by Adenchiz »

Saw it last weekend, really enjoyed it as well. I was really impressed with just how little footage Disney showed leading up to the film's release(think most of the stuff they showed via trailers or tv spots happened in the 1st 10 min of the film)

What I love is that this film has in a way set up the 'multiverse' with all the different timelines that were caused during the mission (ie 'Loki' escaping or 'Rogers taking a different path at the end) I'm also positive most of those different timelines will be covered in the upcoming Disney + streaming service series ('Loki','Wanda/Vision, Hawkeye and 'Falcon and Bucky'). It could also be a way to introduce the X-men/mutant universe since Disney recently bought Fox.

Yeah that 'girl power' moment was a little too forced, even my wife rolled her eyes at that scene
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Avengers End Game

Post by CharlesEmicS »

I think its Avengers in general, so Im not sure which X-Men will make the cut. But Id love if they made an Lego X-Men game. Stan Lee looks good.
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